11 mukhi rudraksha

11 mukhi rudraksha

protection longevity and victory is the result. Brings happiness Removes fear and helps in yoga practice. Leadership quality and fortune comes to feet of wearer.

Importance of 11 mukhi rudraksha bead
11 mukhi rudraksha represents Shri Hanuman. Bestows with oratorical skills, negotiation skills, self confidence, intelligence, physical and mental power.
- Useful for meditation purpose, to bring devotion to god. Controls the physical senses. Brings good luck, fortune, leadership qualities.
- Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha is a symbol of Ekadash Rudra i.e. Lord Indra (The Lord of all gods) and has the combined powers of eleven gods stored within this 11 mukhi Rudraksha.
- Gives happiness, protections, longevity, victory. Protects from untimely death.
- It takes care of health (without disease) and useful in yoga practices.
- Gives stability in business/profession.

Diseases cured
- Blood pressure, heart problem, diabetes.
11 mukhi rudraksha Controls nerve energy of body.
Who should wear 11  mukhi rudraksha
- Those want to be fearless in life, gain prosperity. Useful for meditation/practice of yoga. Useful for people having instability in business, poor in diplomacy, lack of confidence, fear of unknown. Can be worn on crown hair. Those who want adventurous life.
- Those who want deep meditation and need immediate spiritual thoughts.
Astrological view
11 mukhi rudraksha bead removes malefic of all planets/Saturn.
- Worn on top of the head for instant results.
- Vedic astrology states - Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha represents Ekadash Rudra. The eleven forms of Lord Shiva are : Ahirbhutanya, Bhav, Bhim, Chand, Kapali, Pingal, Shasta, Shumbh, Virupaksh and Vilohit and Hanuman. Hanuman is the eleventh form of Lord Shiva.
- 11 Mukhi Rudraksha is very auspicious in religious rituals and is worn by saints and sages during their meditation.
- It is said that the wearer of an Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha gets the same merits and powers as those obtained on sacrifice of One thousand horses or gift of One thousand cows.
- All eleven rudra own this bead. 
- Purans describe as equivalent to ashwamedha yagya.
- Gives proper meditation to wearer.
- Removes the malefic effect of all planets ( as per birth chart )

- Size: 24-26 mm

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