Yajnas/Yagnas and Pujas have been the core essence of our Vedic society. It is believed that the divine chants of mantras and the purifying flames of the yagna are the most powerful sources to remove negativity of one’s past karmas, doshas, diseases, evil eye, black magic, obstacles from one’s life and spread the positive effects of spirituality on the globe.

We at Shreesarvasiddhi.com provide effective online puja services to people, with an aim to promote happiness, good health and joy to all the beings of this world. We have been organizing pujas and yajnas since 2008.


Pundit Pankaj Dvibedi ji have been performing yajnas and pujas since last 13 years for people from all over the world. He has deep understanding about Shashtras, Vedas and Upanishads holding good knowledge about Kundali reading. He advises clients on pujas and yajnas after a through reading of their Kundali.

He has completed his Vedic education from Shree Bhakti Vidhyapeeth, Vrindavan, UP. He has given his services as a priest at the famous Devraha Baba Ashram, Vrindavan, UP.

He shifted from Uttar Pradesh to Mumbai in 2008 and has been consistently performing pujas andyajnas for various reputed religious organisations in Mumbai since 2008. He also owns a temple at a central location in Mumbai where he and his team of 11 Pundits perform Pujas and Yajnas for their clients.